Creative portrait photography with Dusten Nelson

November 5, 2014 Portraits

fitness-trainer-portraits_0001While our clientele at Revealed Studios is mostly female, we love the chance to stretch our creative wings.  This shoot below was a great change of pace; Stepping out of our beloved studio adorned with soft fabric, feminine touches, and clean floors, we ventured to a grittier location to photograph friend and fitness guru, Dusten Nelson. Starting in the early morning, just as the sun broke the horizon, we criss-crossed down Chicago streets, heading south to an abandoned grain production facility.

After using some, eh hem, covert means to get onto the grounds, we quickly started shooting.  Dusten, a professional trainer (he’s the motivator behind our other client Miss M’s amazing transformation) wanted some pictures to showcase all the hard, physical work he was doing to prep for an upcoming show in December, while also capturing his personality too.

So, how does one do those two things?  Our answer, play and good lighting!  Dusten said of his shoot, “I’ve worked with a number of photographers, and this was the most entertaining. I was surprised how good the photos came out because of how much fun we had while taking them.”

We encouraged Dusten to jump, hit, run, and even swing during his session.   Combining a this approach with some amazing natural light, we tried to create images that were approachable and light at first.

The second half of the shoot took us inside the actual grain silo where the scene looked like a horror movie waiting to be filmed.  We were a wee bit nervous as we crept further into the space.  Like a rabbit hole, rooms lead to more rooms, creating a circuit of tunnels and containers that were once functioning storage structures.  The dark walls, dirt covered floors, and graffitied background was perfect for the harder look we were after.  We relied almost completely on the natural light pouring in from small slits and reflecting off the nearby cement walls.  The highlights and shadows were exactly what wanted to define and carve out his figure, while the surrounding environment created the perfect mode for an intense feel.

We completely agree with Dusten!  It was so, so fun.  If you’re interested in a create photoshoot like this one, call us at 773-273-9063 or e-mail info@revealed-studios for more information.