Portrait Session with Fox 32 Chicago’s Jenny Milkowski

December 15, 2016 Portraits

Fun, photo shoot with Fox Chicago’s Traffic Reporter Jenny Milkowski

Meet Jenny Milkowski (aka Jenny Milk) of Fox Chicago. She is one helluva lady-just thinking about everything she does makes me tired…morning traffic reporter (1am wake up for work), writer, comedian, mother to two cats, and even a bit of a computer wiz, designing and building her own websites.

We had so much fun a few weeks ago taking all new photos for her website and social media, with four different looks and a couple of specialty props (eh hem, one of those cats I mentioned even made an appearance.) From what I can tell, she’s got endless energy and a super impressive make it happen attitude. We loved getting to know her and are excited to see what the future holds for her.

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Revealed Family Sessions

October 13, 2016 Family

Why this photo changed my whole approach to family sessions…

grandma-grampa-rifeBefore having my son eight months ago, I had a vague notion of what parenthood meant. I’d heard it was life altering, but I couldn’t really grasp how much, until I experienced it first hand. Suddenly I was at the mercy of my emotions for a 7-pound little lump of a being. The way I felt for him hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean that. It was so heavy and intense, it even hurt. It was like a weird mix of protectiveness, anxiety, adoration, and foreboding joy. I felt knocked off my feet by it all.

I knew I’d take a lot of pictures of him before he ever even arrived, but immediately my photo library swelled into the thousands. The only problem was: I had photo after photo of Theo doing something cute (Theo in the bath, Theo in a chambray jumpsuit, Theo trying bananas), but never all of us–as a new family. There have been so many moments when I wish I had someone there with a camera, just hanging out like a fly on the wall, snapping pictures of these intimate moments that I never wanted to forget.

About two months after Theo was born, my grandma passed away. During her funeral, a slideshow shuffled through images from her life, during which this image came up. My Dad had taken it of my grandparents back in the 70’s at the lake cottage where we spent every summer growing up. This image is so candid and real, that I can almost smell the living room they’re sitting in and hear my Grandma saying, “get off the back of the Davenport!”

Seeing this photo during the early months of being a new mom made me realize it’s these types of pictures I want to take for my families. Authentic and unposed. Images that transcend time and become the nostalgic keepsakes decades later. Yes, those Pinterest-perfect, stylized sessions are lovely, but for me…it’s the unscripted moments that show the true spirit of a family.

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Photo Credit: Tim Rife (Thanks Dad for the inspiration!)