Mother and Daughter Portraits

June 7, 2012 Family


Barbara brought in her mom, Sandi, in for a Revealed portrait session as a Mother’s Day gift. Watching how much these two beautiful ladies love each other made our day. Afterward, the dynamic mother-daughter duo went out to lunch in their beautiful hair and make-up from the shoot.

Beautiful Mother Daughter Portrait

Trying to figure out what to buy Mom for her birthday? Want to thank her for all the times she put up with your crazy shenanigans as a teenager? Feel free to bring your siblings and schedule a Revealed Portrait session today.

Agustina’s Experience with Revealed Studios

May 25, 2012 Portraits

We just have to share this beautiful Revealed session of our friend, Agustina, with you.  Her generous spirit just emanates from these photos.  Afterward, we asked her to share her thoughts on the session.  Here’s what she wrote:

Before and After

On the experience:

-I would like to thank Maggie Rife and Laurie Peacock for helping me feel relaxed during my portrait session. They helped me let go of my critical and foolish thoughts that I and many women have about their image. It was very inspiring to be photographed by them, especially having them there to help me see the positive things about myself. Nobody is perfect, and most of the time we as women fantasize about being DIVAS or magazine models, but with the girls I understood that it’s ok if I’m not perfect and it’s all about body movement and being yourself.

The Preparation:

-When I arrived to the studio, the first thing I said was: mmm, they are going to have to help me with the makeup cause I don’t know how to do it. A minute passed by and I was sitting on a chair, with a glass of wine while I talked about my life, the day-to-day thing, and my feelings.  In the mean time they were fixing my hair. Ahhhhh, what a beautiful feeling for every woman to have  her makeup and hair done. To look like a movie star! I have always worried about makeup, beacause I rarely wear it, but the girls understood the concept of natural and simple; when I saw myself in the mirror I felt the most sexy and natural women in the world!

The Shoot:

-During the session, the girls made me feel  like “ a movie star,” so much so, that I myself dove into the role by changing clothes over and over again. It was like living the hidden dream of becoming a model or very famous person for a day!  I understood that every woman has their own beauty and sensual side, no matter what shape and form they come in. What I really loved about Maggie and Laurie is they taught me to highlight my best features.


-I still remember finishing my session, getting in my car, and thinking, “Penelope Cruz just arrived in the city,” I got home and my husband looked at me with THIS FACE and said, “GUAUUUU!! Did you do something to your hair? Or your face? You’re gorgeous! Where do you want me to take you for dinner? And then without blinking I said, “to the best place in the city! I would like to go to a beautiful restaurant! “ and every time I got out of the car and I walked over the streets, I felt like the most beautiful woman of Chicago, a super DIVA that just got out of a photo session from a famous magazine!

Additional Thoughts:

-Today I can tell all the WOMEN in this world! Either you are a mom, grandma, aunt, sister, friend, etc DON’T think about the money or whether is worth it  or not. I did it and I advise you that there is no better thing to feel like a DIVA! There is no better feeling than spoiling yourself once a while and to know that every penny was worth it.  You won’t regret it, and if tomorrow someone comes and ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas present? I am going to choose a PHOTO session but this time I will include my MOM.

Big thanks to Agustina for sharing her light-up-the-room smile and sincere thoughts!