Q:  How long does a session last?

It depends on your chosen package. If your packages include hair and make-up, that portion of your appointment lasts from 1-1.5 hours. The actual photoshoot will last 30 minutes to 1-2 hours, depending on your chosen portrait package.

Q:  Does the session include hair and makeup?

Your chosen package will detail whether your session includes hair and makeup. We have very talented hair and makeup artists who are trained in creating a look that works wonderfully for on camera but also works to make you feel comfortable with a look you’re happy with. For this reason, we only allow clients to use our chosen makeup artists.

Q: What kind of hair and makeup styling should I expect?

A: We work with talented make-up and hair stylists who specialize in natural, yet glamorous hair and make-up. Imagine a more-rested you after two weeks of vacation with a little va-va-voom added to your hair and eyelashes. You are going to look hot!  Make sure you schedule a night on the town after your portrait session.

Q: What should I wear?

A: After you book your session, we can chat about how many looks your packages includes as well as what you were interested in being photographed in. We can work with you to talk through your looks. We always recommend bringing in extra looks to your session and we can talk it through in person and see what’s best the overall feel.

Q: How should I prep, i.e. hair and skin, before arriving at the shoot?

A: Although, no one hair type is the same, there are exceptions to this rule. We recommend clean hair. If your scalp tends to be oily, come with it washed and blow-dyed. For this hair type, we also suggest volumizing spray or mousse be applied before drying.

Curly girls, just come with it dry–we’ll work with it from there.

Chemically treated or damaged hair? Great!  It’ll hold a curl even better.

For skin, drink lots of water the week before your shoot. 2. No picking! If you have a pimple, just leave it. We can easily remove it in retouching, 3. Moisturize. We love Cetaphil for normal skin, Olay Total Effects for aging skin, and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar for sensitive skin types.

Q: What’s your policy regarding digital files?

A: Great question!  We’re a bit old school at Revealed Studios.  Every step of your experience is handled with care and thought–from your initial consultation to hair and makeup, and finally the creation of your pictures.  In keeping with the commitment to top-notch quality, we want your final product to reflect those same standards.  We believe your final images will really sing as professional, fine-art prints.

For those who prefer to keep their files digitally or will be using their photos for online profiles pictures or online promotional materials, we offer digital files and packages as well.

Q: I hate having my photo taken, but the experience sounds like so much fun. What do you suggest I do to help me relax in front of the camera?

A: The only thing we ask is that you stay hydrated and get some sleep the night before. We will help you pose from your head to your toes. We know how to pose you, whether you’re a man or woman, so you will look your best.

Q: What happens after the shoot?

A: We will schedule an in-person or online viewing after the shoot where you will be able to see your images for the first time and be able to order your prints, products or digital files. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have during this session.